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    Pucci Games was established early 2022

    My name is Fredrik Palladino Hansen and I am a indie game developer, with the occasional help of my wife Raffaella Palladino Hansen.

    We are Norwegian and Italian based in UK.

    The tools I use are GameMaker Studio 1 & 2, Photoshop, and Audacity.

    I was introduced to Game Maker sometime around 2003 by a group of friends.

    Since then I got my hobby of making fan games (My own version of already existing titles).

    My logo is a magpie, and the theme of the website is inspired by magpie’s colours.

    That’s because there’s a magpie who visits our balcony every day, Pucci, and the logo was designed from a real picture of this amazing, intelligent and funny creature!!

    Thank you for visiting PucciGames, I hope you enjoy your journey!