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    I am proud to announce that I have launched my games' website.

    My name is Fredrik and I am a Web Developer and an Indie Game Developer. I have a big passion for making digital content. I started back in 2003 with Game Maker, and have been making games as a hobby ever since. I am taking Game Design very seriously now and am always striving to learn more!

    About Pucci Games

    The direction I aim for is to make and publish my games. I have a number of unfinished projects that I want to complete. There is no set deadline to finish my games, also because I have another full time job, and making games is a hobby that I develop in my free time.

    My current plan is to finish the game "2020: A Space Odyssey" and, once finished, I will resume my work on 3P. Moreover, I don't have any plans to continue developing my game Paper World, however, if it should gain any popularity, I would consider continuing working on it as well.

    I will update every news about my games here, so if you are interested stay tuned!


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