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    2020: A Space Odyssey


    2020: A Space Odyssey was first created during the 2020 GMTK Game Jam, which had as a theme "Out of control".

    The alpha version was created during the jam in 2 days, the game only contained 1 level at that time.

    The point of the game is simple, the player has to get to the next planet and so on until the end of the stage. But the further the player goes, the harder it becomes since he is always building up speed. To get to the next planet, the player needs to accelerate, and after having accelerated for a certain amount of time, by releasing the space bar he'll get slingshot out of the planet's gravitational pull and can, from there, proceed to the next planet. This process requires good precision and timing, that's the reason why the game gets harder and harder, it is because of the increasing of the speed.

    The game is currently under development and further updates will be posted here.


    Spacebar: Accelerate - Proceed

    Escape: Quit

    Free demo

    Only available for Windows

    123 MB


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